NW Connector

The NW Connector is a coordinated regional transit system that includes five individual transit agencies in NW Oregon:

  • Columbia County Rider
  • Sunset Empire Transportation District
  • Tillamook County Transportation District
  • Benton County Transit
  • Lincoln County Transit

The transit system provides seamless travel between the Willamette Valley and Oregon Coast from Astoria to Yachats. The NW Connector makes transit an easy to use alternative for auto travelers, including bicyclists going to the coast to cycle. The NW Connector’s network of stops allows riders to plan multiple stops and trip destinations. Riders can buy NW Connector Visitor Passes at discounted fares for three- and seven-day trips.

Management of the NW Connector is by a partnership of the five districts, which meets monthly to coordinate routes, schedules, operations and system updates. The partnership aims to:

  • Improve transit connections between northwestern Oregon communities
  • Brand and market the NW Connector transit service in all five counties
  • Build community partnerships to increase transit ridership while promoting regional business and economic development opportunities
  • Implement sustainable funding strategies for continued transit system development

Meetings are open to the public, with meeting reports posted on this website.

For more information, contact us at [email protected].

Board Meetings

NWOTA December 10, 2021: MinutesAgendaMeeting Packet

NWOTA November 11, 2021: MinutesAgendaMeeting Packet

NWOTA October 8, 2021: MinutesAgendaMeeting Packet



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