Due to the current social distancing requirements Sunset Empire Transportation District’s public meetings will be held electronically via Zoom. Access information to join the SETD Zoom public meetings will be available in advance on each meeting’s individual meeting notice on the SETD website (nwconnector.org). SETD public meetings include all Board of Commissioners meetings, workshops, Budget Committee meetings and any other SETD required public meetings. Your voice may be muted upon entering the meeting. The host will unmute you if you are on the agenda or a scheduled guest.

For meetings where public comment is accepted, please refer to the individual SETD meeting notice on the SETD website (nwconnector.org) for public comment submission instructions and deadlines. Thank you for your interest and support of Sunset Empire Transportation District and your understanding of any technical difficulties that may arise. Please contact Mary Parker at [email protected] or 503-861-5370 for more information.