Sunset Empire Transportation District (SETD) has announced a free transportation service for those who have appointments to receive their COVID-19 vaccination in Clatsop County. Executive Director Jeff Hazen said that making sure that transportation is not a barrier to someone receiving their COVID-19 vaccine is very important to all of us. The free transportation is available by appointment only and those requesting transportation will be asked for the date, time and location of their COVID-19 vaccination appointment for verification prior to scheduling their transportation request.  SETD’s free transportation will be provided to any of the Clatsop County Vaccination Clinic’s, local Health Care Providers, or pharmacies. Scheduling is required at least 24 hours in advance and all vehicles are ADA accessible. To schedule transportation please call 503-861-7433 and select Option #2. For more information visit the SETD website at or contact Jennifer Geisler at [email protected] at 503-861-5385