Please join us on March 18th as we celebrate our hard-working SETD transit employees.

Did you know that there are over 40 employees keeping the wheels going at SETD?

We have amazing bus operators who not only maneuver extra-large heavy vehicles through every type of traffic condition, across narrow streets, sharp corners and during all kinds of adverse weather, but they also are responsible for pre-trip safety checks, cleaning, sanitizing, handling fares, trip planning, maintaining tight schedules and more.

SETD also has an amazing crew of employees behind the scenes who are supervisors, mechanics, accountants, schedule designers, dispatchers, trainers, customer service representatives, marketing representatives, mobility specialists, transportation options specialists and more.  

You can join us in letting our drivers and employees know they are appreciated by:

  • Say “Thank you” or “Have a good day” to your driver when you board or exit the bus.
  • Writing a note or filling out an attached SETD Compliment form or using a Compliment Form that will be available on the buses, at the Astoria Transit Center and Seaside Transit Office from March 14th through March 18th. Compliment forms can be given to driver’s or dropped off at the Astoria Transit Center or Seaside Transit Office.

All compliments submitted will be shared and displayed for SETD employees to read.

We have a fun filled week planned for all these great employees!

Alejandro Hernandez
Bill Ray
Bronn Lichnovsky
Bruce Kneeland
Cathy Walker
Cheryl Stoffelsen
Chuck Poellnitz
Cynthia Wallace
David Schroer
Demecio deAnda
Donna Buganan
Eric Barton
James Dunlap  
Jason Jones
Jeff Hazen
Jennifer Geisler
Kathy Kleczek
Kathy Wiegardt
Kelly Smith
Kevin Bauer
Larry Miley
Larry Worthy
Lawrence McDonald
Mary Marincovich
Mary Parker
Matt Jensen Nick Schaffer  
Paul Lewicki
Sabrina Holland-Baker
Scott Smith                  
Stephanie Rodriguez
Steve Olson
Steve Smith
Steve Weinert
Sue Farmer
Suzie Brown
Terry Moore
Thomas Loudon
Tom Bird
Victoria Davis  

Compliment Form