Get There Survey

We are NW Transportation Options Network managers. Our region covers the area counties of Clatsop, Tillamook and Columbia. Our goal is to get the word out about how the tools within can help make a positive impact on your time spent commuting to work, play and anything in-between. The technology and tools take the hard work out of creating and connecting you to carpools/vanpools. We also plan to run contests during the year to promote getting there using transit, bike, telecommute, walk, carpool or vanpool options.
Our network is still small and needs you and your co-workers, neighbors and friends to sign up. The more people involved the more the tools work. We want to Connect you to Life! You can opt out of the network at any time.
Thank you for taking our quick 6 question survey!

We have partnered with Get There to bring you this survey. Please fill it out and submit your responses. If you have any issues, please email Get There [email protected]. Thank you!