Bald Hill Natural Area

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Why we love it

Bald Hill is close to town and excellent for hiking, biking, or just walking your dog (leash required in some areas). There are many well-marked trails and wooded areas for all members of the family. This area connects to other trails that allow for a full day of exciting adventure!  There are open spaces to see views of Mary’s Peak and river valleys, bubbling creeks shaded by mature oak trees, and pastural hills dotted with deer and cows.  There are two entrances from the North and South with nearby parking areas.  The trails provide shaded areas in the summer with great views and benches to rest at the top.   Paved paths make walking in any weather pleasant, but bring some boots for the rainy season!  The Greenbelt Land Trust, which owns and operates Bald Hill Farm (adjacent to Bald Hill Recreation Area), offers guided tours describing local ecology, history and work underway/planned for the immediate vicinity.  Please visit their website for more details at Greenbelt Land or for schedule and contact information. Enjoy the exercise and wonderful views of nature!

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