Romantic Ride to the Coast

A car-free weekend getaway from Portland to Oceanside


Hop on the NW Connector bus from Portland to Tillamook. It’s the WAVE’s Route 5, departing Portland’s Union Station at 11:20am.

Ask the driver for a three-day Visitors Pass, which for $25 per person will get you to the coast and back, with unlimited rides while on the coast.

This route runs seven days a week.

The bus stop at Union Station


You’ll arrive in Tillamook at 1:25pm. The Tillamook Transit Center is in the center of town, with a variety of lunch options. Consider:

You may have time to explore the Tillamook County Pioneer Museum or the Hoquarton Interpretive Trail.

You might want to pick up some groceries at Safeway, as there isn’t a grocery store in Oceanside.


At 4:30pm, catch the WAVE Route 2 westbound from the Tillamook Transit Center to Oceanside.  Just show the driver your NW Connector pass and hope on.  You’ll arrive in Oceanside at 4:55 pm.

Three Arch Rocks

Oceanside is small enough that the beach, restaurants, and lodging are all within walking distance from the bus stop. Options for lodging include:

Enjoy dinner at Roseanna’s Cafe and then take a sunset stroll along the beach. The beach at Oceanside features Three Arch Rocks, one of Oregon’s picturesque coastal rock formations.

Breakfast and coffee are available at Blue Agate Cafe.

Return Trip

Take this trip back to Portland any day of the week:

Catch Route 2 at 10:40 from Oceanside to Tillamook, where you’ll have some time before transferring to Route 5 at 1:00pm and be back in Portland at 2:55pm.