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TripCheck.com has been updated by the Oregon Department of Transportation, adding new features that you will find very useful for public transportation travel planning. Wheel chair and bicycle transport options included. (See “Transportation Options” at tripcheck.com) This tab offers 4 easy ways to find services. Search by City or County, City to City, Special Accommodations, or by an alphabetical listing.


Interested in Carpooling and Vanpooling? Cascades West Rideshare and Valley Vanpool are services offered by the Oregon Cascades West Council of Governments Community and Economic Development program in partnership with governmental jurisdictions in Lincoln, Linn and Benton counties; with financial assistance from the Oregon Department of Transportation.

Cascades West Rideshare is a free carpool matching service for commuters. In simple terms, $4.00 a gallon gasoline can become $2.00 a gallon gasoline by simply sharing your commute trip with one other person. There are additional savings related to the wear and tear on your car, routine maintenance and, for some commuters, parking fees. Although many people share a ride each work day, some people (with irregular work hours or with early/late work meetings) find that carpooling works very well a few days a week.

Valley VanPool is a partnership of Oregon Cascades West Council of Governments, the Lane Transit District and the Salem Transit District. Valley VanPool promotes commuter vanpooling and helps form and maintain vanpools. Each van is privately formed and operated (Valley VanPool does not own or operate vans). Think of it as a very large carpool, a “van co-op” or a “vanpooling club” with the riders leasing a van and determining the route, schedule and operating rules. Two national firms (VPSI and Enterprise Rideshare Division) lease vans in the region and the lease includes the vehicle, fuel, insurance, maintenance and an emergency ride home program.

Valley VanPool also administers state and federal grants which reduce the cost of the monthly vanpool lease. Currently 20 vans (9 to 15 passenger vans) operate in the Valley VanPool region.